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Metal braces are the most traditional form of teeth straightening treatments. Although they are one of the oldest forms of teeth straightening treatments, they are still one of the most popular among patients. This is due to the control of the tooth movement metal braces provide. Traditional metal braces allow the most control over tooth movement when compared to other orthodontic treatments. This means your orthodontist is able to make finer tooth movements compared to removable appliances. They can make easier and faster tweaks during treatment, resulting in a perfect smile.

Metal Braces Cost Birmingham

If you wish to go ahead with metal braces for yourself or your child, you should begin by booking a consultation with us. Here we can assess your teeth and offer a rough treatment time scale and provide you with the cost of treatment. We offer discounts on up-front payments or you can devise a payment plan with us across your appointments.

Which is Better Invisalign or Metal Braces? 

The course of orthodontic treatment that will work best to straighten your teeth will be entirely dependent on your individual situation. In more severe cases, metal braces will be more suitable as they allow more control over movement of the teeth. Here at Central Orthodontics we offer a range of teeth straightening treatments such as Invisalign and ceramic braces.

How are Braces Made?

Your metal braces will be made using metal brackets and wire. The brackets will be stuck to your individual teeth and then the wire will be clipped into place. Over the course of treatment, this wire will change in thickness and tightness. This is how your teeth are straightened. Some metal braces may also require the use of elastics from the top to the bottom arch, if this is required elastics will be provided.

Can You Get Braces if You Have Baby Teeth? 

Preferably, all your baby teeth should have fallen out before you have your braces fitted. Braces can be fitted with baby teeth still in place however, this can add complications to your treatment. As your adult teeth grow, they may cause further movement to your teeth. If you think you require braces but still have baby teeth remaining, we recommend booking a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss the best course of treatment. Here at Central Orthodontics, our orthodontic therapists are highly trained in all types of teeth straightening methods such as ceramic braces and Damon braces. 

Can You Get Braces for Just the Bottom Teeth?

Yes. If only your bottom teeth require straightening, you can get metal braces fitted to just your bottom teeth. This is known as a single arch. Our single arch braces for over 18’s start at £1,500. Here at Central Orthodontics, we provide payment plans and finance options to help you fund your treatment. Your treatment plan and cost will all be explained to you once you have completed your consultation and decided to go ahead with treatment.

How Do You Tell if You Need Braces?

If you think you may need braces, we recommend booking an appointment with an orthodontic therapist. Here they can assess your teeth and advise you on whether or not braces can help you to achieve your desired results.

Metal Braces FAQS 

Do Metal Braces Hurt?

Braces should not hurt. You may experience some discomfort after fitting and tightening but this should go away within a few days. If you are experiencing increased pain or discomfort from your brace, we recommend booking an emergency appointment with your orthodontic therapist.

Do I Need to Brush My Teeth More Often With Braces?

When you have metal braces, food is more likely to become trapped in your teeth. We recommend brushing your teeth after eating to help you maintain good oral hygiene during treatment.

How Long Will I Need to Wear Metal Braces? 

The amount of time you are required to wear your braces will depend on your individual situation. As an average, most patients wear their braces for around 12- 18 months.

What is the Best Age to Get Braces?

If you wish to improve your smile by straightening your teeth, braces can be fitted at any age. For children, we recommend waiting till at least 11 to allow time for all of the baby teeth to fall out and adult teeth to grow through.


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